Thru-Hole Assembly

Accutron offers Thru-Hole services for both lead-free and leaded printed circuit board assemblies. Components are tape and reeled via an 80 station Universal ® Sequencer then inserted automatically by a Universal® VCD Inserter. Manual insertion lines can be setup quickly for pilot runs and low production volumes.


Independent wave soldering stations support the manufacturing of both RoHS and non-RoHS product. Multiple Selective Soldering Stations provide robotic soldering for the highest level of reliability in a fast paced manufacturing environment. Post wave soldering is performed by IPC and J-STD certified operators


  • Automated Thru-Hole Universal® Equipment
  • Pillarhouse Selective Solder Robotic Work Stations
  • Vitronics DeltaWave & DeltaMax Wave Soldering Stations
  • Technical Devices In-Line Aqueous Cleaner


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